Trefferkennung - Hit Identifier


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RUTEC hit detection - everything in view

Hit detection for optimal target acquisition.

For interaction in the field of digital target presentation, we offer you two different media. Our RUTEC R3000 projection paper is considered a classic and has proven itself over the years. The use of an opaque polyethylene insert prevents on the one hand a disturbing show through, on the other hand it guarantees the stability of the material. RUTEC R3000 is available in different widths, lengths and grammages

For the latest generation in the field of interactive target presentation, we offer screens for the thermal hit detection from our RUTEC R1267 natural rubber. Due to the evaluation by detecting the temperature difference when penetrating the projection surface, the natural rubber offers an optimal projection medium with unsurpassed standstill due to its excellent reclosing properties.

Due to its light color, our RUTEC R1267 natural rubber is also excellently suited as a reflection film for infrared detection of hits. The reclosure properties ensure a significantly longer service life compared to conventional films.



Reflection screen

Reflective canvas

Projectionpaper 190g/m²

Projectionpaper 250g/m²



Splinter Protection

Splinter Protection

Individual solutions for a
wide variety of users and
requirement profiles.

Splinter Protection
Hit Identifer

Hit Identifer

Products for target presentation and score evaluation in space shooting ranges.

Hit Identifer
Bullet Trap

Bullet Trap

Optimum protection
rebounding and rebounding

Bullet Trap
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