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Imagegallery of our ballistic systems.


1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit


This video by Werner Mehl shows in great detail how bullets break up on impact.


R6500 Shootingbox


RUTEC R6500 mobile shootingbox

R6500 Shootingbox from RUTEC©




The RUTEC R6500 mobile bullet trap box with interchangeable front panels and a granulate filling, up to energies of 7,000 joules.
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R6500 Shootingbox

Bullet trap granules R5000 for shootingranges.

The R5000 bullet trap granulate forms with the evaluated R1078 rebound protection, as a cover for outdoor shooting ranges, a shot and tested bullet trap system.

R5000 Bullet trap granules

RUTEC R5000 Geschossfanggranulte

Original R5000 PUR bullet trap granules and coverings by RUTEC%copy;. Installation in a shooting range using air conveyor technology.

The RUTEC R5000 bullet trap for shooting ranges, indoor and outdoor facilities.
Some of the pictures were taken at the shooting center in Ulmen (MSZU).

R7000 Bullet louvers in the shooting range.

The pictures show how bullet trap shells are used in shunting conditions and what purpose they fulfill.

R9000 Pipe bullet trap

The patented tubular bullet trap is in use at the Beschussamt in Ulm. There it is used as a second floor bullet trap.

R9000 Pipe bullet trap

RUTEC R9000 Tube bullet trap

Tube bullet trap R9000 by RUTEC%copy;. Mounting as bullet trap in the german Beschussamt ULM.
Splinter Protection

Splinter Protection

Individual solutions for a
wide variety of users and
requirement profiles.

Splinter Protection
Hit Identifer

Hit Identifer

Products for target presentation and score evaluation in space shooting ranges.

Hit Identifer
Bullet Trap

Bullet Trap

Optimum protection
rebounding and rebounding

Bullet Trap
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