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RUTEC® R5000 PUR Granules
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RUTEC R5000 PUR bullet trap granules

The RUTEC R5000 granulate, made of extremely wear-resistant elastomer, is an optimal alternative to conventional sand as a bullet trap medium. It is characterized by exceptionally good physical properties. In particular, the combination of excellent abrasion behavior and high tensile strength ensures that the material is also suitable for the absorption of high-energy projectiles.

RUTEC R5000 Geschossfanggranulte

Original R5000 PUR bullet trap granules and coverings by RUTEC%copy;. Installation in a shooting range using air conveyor technology.

The RUTEC R5000 granulate is an optimal alternative to conventional sand as a projectile capture medium. It is characterized by various extraordinary properties:

  • Approved for up to 17,000 joules;
  • Very long service life;
  • Suitable for use in space shooters and outdoor shooting ranges;
  • The polygonal structure reduces the formation of bullet nests and thus the risk of bounce and rebound considerably;
  • Low maintenance, since work such as watering, loosening etc. omitted;
  • No dust formation, as a result of which the wear on mechanical systems, such as rail systems, etc., decreases and the filters of the ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC) must be replaced less frequently;
  • The granules are largely reusable after separation of projectiles;
  • Low bulk density of approx. 650 kg / m³.

RUTEC R5000 can be installed both on the entire surface as well as in the form of a top layer on an existing sand-floor fence. We also recommend the installation of a substructure to prevent the granules from slipping off, as well as a tarpaulin made of our natural rubber (RUTEC R1078) to prevent contamination by foreign substances.



Cross section of a shooting range.

The R5000 PUR granulate in use.

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