R95 Geschossfangbox


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Bullet trapingbox system R95

Bullet trapingbox R95 „Shootstop“

RUTEC R95 Bullet trapingbox.

Our shootstop bullet trap boxingsystem offers shooters a cost-effectiv and environmentally friendly Bullet trap for variety of calibers and disciplines.

Due to numerous reports on health and environmental hazards in the area of Shooting ranges, we have our focus on development of bullet trap systems that ensure that neither Lead dust in the environment still gets resources unnecessarily be wasted.

One result of this development is our shootstop bullet trap This consists of powder-coated ST37 structural steel in a thickness of 3 mm and has a lid to Filling. The standard box has one Bombardment surface of 480 mm width, 600 mm height and a depth of 500 mm. The fron on self-closing, physiological harmless hot melt adhesive granules (R95) is in three equal segments (40 mm thickness, 500 mm width and 200 mm) mm height). These who simply the back of the box screwed. In addition, the box is still with about 60 Kg Shootstop Filled granules.

The special recipe of R95 granules, which is also the basis The front panels forms offers many advantages. Shoot stop R95 is self-extinguishing according to DIN 53438 F1 or DIN 4102 B1. Due to the low density of 0.95 g / cm³, the granules easily and directly separated from storeys on the spot. The possibility of recycling can be both financial as well as material resources are spared. The material can be remelted as needed and to new plates to be poured. In our view, this adds value for sustainability and environmental protection there.

For detailed information download the datasheet or contact us here.

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