mobiler Geschossfang - mobil shooting trap


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Mobil bullet trap R6000

Mobil bullet trap R6000

RUTEC R6000 Mobil bullet trap.

The front of the RUTEC R6000 system is made up of special hollow blocks of rubber granulate.

The bullet trap can be designed for energies up to E0 ≤ 7,000 joules. The frame (base, side, cover plate) consists of a 5 mm thick ST 52 steel sheet. The rear plate is 6mm thick and in the center additionally provided with 8mm Hardox 500.

If necessary, granules can be topped up by the lid attached to the top. In order to prevent the granules from slipping out when replacing individual blocks, a separating plate with very good reclosing properties is located between the granules and the blocks.

For detailed information download the datasheet or contact us here.



Shooting block R9050

RUTEC R9050 shooting block

Special hollow blocks with excellent bombardment properties.

The shooting block consists of a rubber granulate, due to the special formulation and structure of the hollow chamber blocks a variety of calibers up to an E0 ≤ 1,500 Joule.

For detailed information download the datasheet or contact us here.

shooting block



Granules R5000

Pipe bullet trap

Bullet catch lamella

Bullet trapingbox R95

Mobile bullet trap



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