RUTEC R9050 Block


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RUTEC® Shooting block for easy handling in shooting ranges

Special hollow chamber blocks with excellent bombardment properties.


The blocks, made of pressed rubber granulate or rubber fibres, can be stacked to form a stable wall as required. In smaller numbers, they can be used as a safe mobile bullet trap for example for sports shooters. But the blocks are also excellently suited as a base for the lower protection of various bullet trap systems.

Rutec R9050 thus offers a wide range of uses. In a singlerow structure, the hollow chamber blocks can safely hold projectiles of up to 1,500 joules. If there are several rows one after the other, bombardment with higher energies is of course also possible. Since it is a soft material, the bullets do not disassemble and can be sufficiently distributed in the hollow chambers located in the blocks. Bloating of the blocks thus is avoided and the structure remains stable.

The square shape of the Rutec R9050 hollow chamber blocks enables easy turning or moving. As a result, individual elements in a main target area can still be used and do not have to be completely replaced immediately.


For detailed information download the datasheet or contact us here.


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