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RUTEC® Safety Informations


RUTEC curtains are not suitable for ammunition with a weak explosive charge and/or projectiles from air guns. The curtains must always be freely suspended and should under no circumstances be fastened to the ground. The curtains must be placed behind all target images and an overlap of 150mm between the curtains is required. RUTEC curtains should only be used for ammunition which is licensed for shooting ranges.


The right of warranty requires obvious defects to be notified in writing immediately and hidden defects to be notified in writing within 8 days of detection directly to SGP Spezial Gummi Produkte GmbH.

As long as a justifiable defect from SGP is determined, we are entitled to either have two attempts to repair the defect or to supply a replacement.

Should we not be prepared to repair the defect or supply a replacement, or not be in the position to do so, or the replacement or elimination of the defect is not effective, the customer has the right to either withdraw from the contract or demand a respective reduction of the purchase price.

As far as there is no other reaction, further claims, no matter on which legal basis, are not possible. SGP Spezial Gummi Products GmbH is not liable for any damages which do not concern the supplied item; this applies especially to any lost profits or other property damages.

The customer carries the risk of damage or breakage to the product during the reworking of the material which has been submitted by them themselves, as far as neither gross negligence nor intention on our part is evident.

This exemption from liability however is not valid if the reason for the damage is based on it having been done deliberately or through gross negligence. Furthermore it is not valid should the customer make a warranted claim due to default.

The management and the proprietor of the shooting range together with the respective shooting expert are solely responsible for the safe running of the shooting range.

Limitation of Liability

The management and the proprietor of the shooting range together with the respective shooting expert are solely responsible for the safe running of the shooting range.

The SGP Spezial Gummi Products GmbH only takes liability for the guaranteed property of the material and the quality standard of the physical properties. The management of the shooting range together with the respective technical company responsible for the installation and in cooperation with the shooting range authority are responsible for the professional use, technical installation, suitability of all supplied products.

Statements referring to the use of RUTEC products of the SGP Spezial Gummi Produkte GmbH are limited to the experience gained by different private persons, companies and authorities. 
In each case, a shooting range expert should be consulted to determine the local situation, co-ordination of the purpose of usage and execution of the proceedings.

An Extract from Shooting Range Regulations – present edition

1.2.2. Principle of Safety
A shooting range must be constructed in such a way, that danger and endanger can be ruled out for both the inside, i.e. the persons participating at the shooting, as well as for the outside, i.e. the surroundings and the respective the neighbourhood.

1.2.4. Maintaining of safe Buildings
Every shooting range must be kept in unobjectionable condition. The specified safety regulations for a shooting range must be checked by the management or respectively the proprietor with regards to safe usage. Should there be serious defects; the use of the shooting range must be stopped in order to eliminate these.


All statements to our products are based on laboratory results and our present state of knowledge. The statements serve as information with regards to our products and their purpose of use. The stated data can change due to further developments; therefore SGP Spezial Gummi Produkte GmbH reserves the right of technical alterations. The statement from the present edition is valid.

Our liability only refers to the impeccable condition of our material. Statements referring to use, quantities and execution are based on experience which cannot be transferred to cases with different circumstances. The contained data therefore corresponds to the present standard of technology. These cannot contain the overall present generally acknowledged regulations of building technology, relevant standards, instructions and craftsman’s regulations. These and the instructions of use must be complied with by the performers.

The constructional, statical and building-physical properties of RUTEC systems can only be achieved by the exclusive use of RUTEC components or products specifically recommended by SGP Spezial Gummi Produkte GmbH.

The responsibility for the professional usage and its suitability lies with the dealer responsible for the installation.

Splinter Protection

Splinter Protection

Individual solutions for a
wide variety of users and
requirement profiles.

Splinter Protection
Hit Identifer

Hit Identifer

Products for target presentation and score evaluation in space shooting ranges.

Hit Identifer
Bullet Trap

Bullet Trap

Optimum protection
rebounding and rebounding

Bullet Trap
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