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Splinter protection made of RUTEC natural rubber
- A family recipe.

RUTEC splinter protection curtains

RUTEC splinter protection is made according to our proven recipe from the renewable raw material natural rubber, which is characterized by its high elasticity, tear resistance and resistance. These properties lead to excellent resealing properties and thus to long-term durability. With our certified anti-fragmentation qualities, we offer you safe and cost-effective solutions for space shooters (RSA) as well as in open and partially covered facilities (hunting and sport).





RUTEC 1078

RUTEC 1077


Tarpulins for ranges



Excellent reclosure

This graphic shows you how a bullet penetrates through an anti-shatter curtain. Natural rubber has unique properties that are particularly important for use at the shooting range. The elasticity, tear strength and durability make the RUTEC splinter protection curtains the optimal rebound protection for your shooting range. Another advantage is the long service life, through which you can optimally calculate your costs.

Excellent reclosure



Applications for RUTEC rubber products:

  • Shatter protection curtain for hard wall catches such as steel plates or chains
  • Reflective curtains for interactive target projection systems in modern indoor shooting ranges
  • Cover for sand bullet traps for the reduction of dust and emissions, retention by bullet distraction.
  • Rebound protection with panelling in shooting areas
  • Bullet catching lamella (PVC or vulcanized rubber)
  • Ozone and UV-resistant materials in outdoor areas


Splinter Protection

Splinter Protection

Individual solutions for a
wide variety of users and
requirement profiles.

Splinter Protection
Hit Identifer

Hit Identifer

Products for target presentation and score evaluation in space shooting ranges.

Hit Identifer
Bullet Trap

Bullet Trap

Optimum protection
rebounding and rebounding

Bullet Trap
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